Do It Your Self : Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves

Wooden Floating Wall Shelves

Wooden Floating Wall Shelves - When it comes to installing Wooden Floating shelving wall, if your crew isn’t following a manual of practice—a system that simplifies repetitive tasks, eliminates needless steps, and speeds installation time—then you’ll never enjoy the profits that can be made in closets. Once the exterior doors are in, before installing any interior doors or trim, we like to get the closet shelving in place, if it's painted grade. It’s just easier to work in a closet without the doors in the way, and besides, that way we don’t have to worry about banging shelving into new doors, a this is step by step how to Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves.

Check the Wall 

Find the location of the studs in the wall your bedroom, before you start making holes and Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves. Use a stud finder to locate these; mark them clearly. The shelf needs to be supported by the studs, so work out the length of the shelf and mark that in the available spaces between the studs. 

Make the Shelves 

To Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves, Each shelf is actually a long, flat 5-sided box. Using your saw, cut 2 pieces of plywood to the right length. These are the top and bottom of the shelf. 

Finish the Shelves 

You want to do this before you hang them so you can easily work with them without having to avoid getting paint or stain on the wall. Sand the shelves down and varnish them before Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves.

Build and Hang the Bracket 

The bracket attaches to the wall and will be the sixth side of the box. Cut a piece of 1x1 to the length of the open end of the shelf. This is the ledger board that holds the shelf to the wall. Set the ledger against the wall where you marked the studs.

Mount the Shelves 

Put some adhesive on the back of the shelf and around the ledger board. Push the shelf onto the ledger board, hiding the ledger inside the box of the shelf and Finish Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves.

You can Do It Your Self how to Install Wooden Floating Wall Shelves in your sweet homes or apartments.

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