How to unclog a sink in the bathroom?

Home tips - The alarm sounds, calls to the day. You wake up, but they are half-asleep. You begin to make their rituals in the morning. One of them you brush your teeth. In his half-asleep state, opens the faucet in the bathroom sink. A while after you see the water filling the sink bathroom! Now, you are awake! Don't worry, here there are ways to unclog a bathroom sink …

There are many ways to How to unclog a sink in the bathroom. You can do it manually or through the use of chemical cleaning products available in the market. You uncover bathroom sink, you save yourself the cost of the plumber and the embarrassment of passing the plumber comments in cleaning bath as "when was the last time you received your leak of obstructions", "is a large obstruction! ", etc if some water is flowing through the bathroom drain, then it will be easier to unclog bathroom sink. In comparison with kitchen sink, a bathroom sink is cover more. Pool in the kitchen, hot water is still flowing to what the obstruction and fatty things another dissolves. In addition, the things that go by the sink bathroom of hair, tooth paste, soap and other sticky products, which increases the chance of obstruction.

How to Unclog a sink in the Bathroom?

Method 1: Pour hot water

If the sink is partially blocked, the hot water can unlock it. Pour boiling water into the sink bathroom to unclog. Be careful with the pipes that are sensitive to heat, such as PVC pipe Do not use boiling water. Use hot water.

Method 2: Use of baking soda and vinegar

This is a well-known method, and can operate in a great location in certain cases. Take half a cup of sodium bicarbonate and poured down the sink bathroom. Now, take a cup of vinegar and poured down the sink. Wait half an hour and poured hot water. Baking soda and vinegar dissolves the blockage, and the hot water will help to eliminate any limo is paste on the inside surface of the pipe.

Method 3: Use of a plunger

is my weapon of choice staff. There are small in size pistons available in the market, especially for bathroom sink. If you do not have a small piston, a plunger of toilets also will do it. It is only that the use of a small piston, will prevent the water from splashing a little around. Fill the sink with water piping, now place the plunger in the sewer. Pour a little water on the plunger until the head of the plunger is located within the water. Now begins to dive vigorously, do so at least 10-15 times. If a little bit of water is escaping through some ventilation, ask someone to cover the vent with a rag. After uncovering the bathroom sink, pour a little hot water.

Method 4: Cleaning line manually

if it is a blockage lasts, remove the tube with the aid of a pipe wrench. Now, take a wire coat-hanger. Forms one end of the wire in the form of hook, with the help of a pair of pliers. Be careful to keep the other edge. Now put this cable in the interior of the pipe and get to know the position of the obstruction. Since the end of the pipe that is closer to the obstruction, begin to pull the obstruction. Now, to completely clean the pipe to pour a little hot water in it. If the line is in bad condition or oxidised completely, place the sink with a new one.

Method 5: The use of chemicals

There are many caustic chemicals available in the market. You can buy one and use it to unclog bathroom sink. Read the instructions on the product before use. Many people prefer not to use chemicals because of the environmental problems.

Useful Tips

  • Wear rubber gloves for greater security.
  • Use hot water / boiling water according to the type of line.
  • If the sink is smelling bad, pour the vinegar into the sink.
  • Keep a bucket and a cup nearby, to collect the water that falls.
  • Keep on hand a rag to clean the floor, to avoid you to slide.
If the situation of the sink bathroom is worse and cannot make the pipeline using the above methods, you should call a plumber.
The above methods are to help unclog a sink, but you can prevent the blockage. Still pouring hot water in the bathroom sink each week during a bathroom sink clean, without obstruction and without smell.

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