How does one get rid of mold in the bathroom?

How does one get rid of mold in the bathroom?

How to Remove The Mold - Basically, the mold is a fungus living, that grows in the areas of the home that are humid and humid as the bathroom and basement. The mold can be identified with greenish black specks on the surface of the walls, the ceilings and the corners of the plant. Mold Cleaning bathroom is important not only because the mold in the bathroom walls, ceiling and floor are ugly, but it is dangerous for health. 

When one enters the body by inhalation or ingestion, gives rise to various symptoms of allergy such as a runny nose, congestion in the nasal passage sneezing, forms, etc more serious toxic black mold symptoms of exposure can be observed when the black mold spores start attacking healthy cells of the body after some time. Some common symptoms of black mold poisoning are nose bleeding, pulmonary hemorrhage and rectal bleeding may even lead to a neurological disorder.

How does one get rid of mold in the bathroom?

Isolate the bathing area from the rest of the house, so after the elimination of mold and mold spores do not spread to other parts of the house. Open a window of the bathroom in order to improve the movement of air from the work area. 

To protect yourself from exposure to toxic mold, you should use appropriate protective equipment such as rubber gloves, goggles, respirator, etc The tools and materials you will need to clean the mold in the bathroom are: liquid detergent, with chlorine bleach, disinfectant, clean brush, toothbrush, sponge, rags, etc once that all arrangements are made, proceed in accordance with the following instructions:

Step #1
:The first step of the bathroom mold removal involves the use of a regular bathroom cleaner for cleaning the visible signs of mold infestation. Alternatively, you can prepare a cleaning solution made of free ammonia mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water and use it for the same purpose. Apply this solution generously in the shower area, bathroom floors and walls. 

Leave without touching during some time and then rub all of these areas to fund with the help of a sponge or a brush. Then wash with water and let it dry. If the infestation of black mold in the bathroom is not as serious, then this method to clean the mold in the bathroom is enough to get rid of toxic fungi. The problem with this solution is that does not kill the black mold that is found in deeper surfaces such as the lines of grout in the bathroom tiles.

Step # 2
: We all know that a solution of detergent may not kill the mold. Then, what kills the mold? Chlorine contains harsh chemicals that are very effective in killing mold and mildew in the bathroom. Therefore, the next step involves the elimination of mold with bleach. Take a gallon of water and add a cup of chlorine bleach in it. Put this bleach solution in a bottle of spray and was extended in all the surfaces of the en-suite bathroom, including shower walls, floors for the shower, in and around the bathtub, etc. Leave to stand in the bathing area for 15-20 minutes following. Then start debugging from any corner of a room and head toward the door. 

To reach a narrow corner, use a toothbrush bristle harsh. For broader surfaces from floors and walls, a sponge or cleaning brush can be used. Continue to vigorously rub the areas with circular movements to clean mold and mildew in the bathroom. Then rub with a cloth on all surfaces to the loose mold is clean. Then rinse with water. Cleaning mold in the bathroom ceiling with this technique might be difficult if the infected area is more than 10 feet. In such cases, you should hire professionals for the cleaning job.

Step # 3
: Last but not least important step to clean the mold in the bathroom is the application of a disinfectant. This is done to eliminate the waste of the mold spores that are after the cleaning job. You can get this disinfectant at the stores. Apply in the clean surfaces of the bathroom, let it rest for 15 minutes and then wash with sufficient amount of water. Then, try to dry the area as soon as possible.

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