What Are The Pastel Colors?

 Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors - The light blue color of the sea, the fresh green color of the leaves, the colors red, yellow, purple of the flowers and the orange of the fruits. There are so many colors in nature, that make life more beautiful and colorful. A man has always wanted to discover and create new basic colors of the 7 colors of the rainbow and is quite successful in doing so. 

But the way in which you have made these colors is a very interesting discovery. Previously, flowers and fruits were the only means of the color socket, but today these colors can be found in the form known as cake. 

Primarily consists of a pure pigment in the form of a powder and a binder to hold together. These pigments used in the pastel colors are those used in all art media such as oil paintings and watercolors. However, the binder used is a neutral color that is low-saturation and therefore melds well with the pigments. 

These pastel colors of the art generally come in the form of rods or colored pencils and are made in a 12 to a maximum of 95 tons. Take a look at what are the different colors that are found in this colorful pastel palate.

What are the pastel colors?

It is defined as the light and dark shades of any color that are in the form of bars or crayons that are made with the combination of a pigment and a binder. Can you own collection of these pencils of pastel colors, as they come in all possible shades of VIBGYOR? These have ratings as cold and warm colors of these 7 basics and each of these 7 colors have three forms in them to know. 

The ink, the light and the darkness of all colors. It is the absolutely unimaginable amount of colors that you can exit this combination, but they are very attractive. There are four types of pastel colors which we will refer in the following paragraphs, namely, the tone, colors of dye, the light and dark colors.

The colors of medium pitch

These colors are often considered as the basic colors or premium are made additional combination and shadows. As mentioned previously, these colors medium pitch have the hot and cold forms of cakes and have about 10 basic colors. These are the following; Warm

  • red: Permanent red, scarlet, red poppy
  • red Cold: Carmine, crimson, red more crazy
  • Orange: Mid permanent
  • Cold orange and yellow: yellow lemon
  • Warm green: Permanent and green fall
  • Cold green: Aquamarine, bluish-green
  • warm blue: blue french overseas, in the blue background of
  • Cold blue overseas: cerulean blue, turquoise
  • warm violet: violet red
  • Cold purple: purple or violet ultramarine blue
These 10 basic colors medium pitch are everything you need to go their colors of dye.

The dye colors

These colors also depend on each of the 10 basic pastel tones that you have. Each of these colors medium pitch now is divided into 6 individual dye tones, for example, if you take into account the 6 tones of blue dye cold, then the first will be Turquoise 1, which is the darkest turquoise and 6 is the lightest of the colors of dye . 

In the same way, all the 10 basic colors have their 6 colors of darkness to light and are numbered respectively. These colors are created with the combination of mid of the pigments of color tone and are carried out together with binders used in the manufacture of these cakes.

The light and dark colors

Like in the dyes, the 10 basic warm tones and cold mid of the colors have their light and dark shadows. Referring to the list of colors mentioned hot and cold, all colors except two have their light and dark shadows. Orange, however, has only the light tones and also makes it yellow cold. Since there are no more dark shadows in these, which are used in their natural forms. The darkest shade of orange is a warm red color and the darker tone of yellow color is orange, with what is best used originally.

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