Step How to Clean Bathroom and Getting Brighten Up Dirty Grout

Step How to Clean Bathroom and Getting Brighten Up Dirty Grout

Clean Bathroom - Tile grout gets dirty in many different ways. In the bathroom, it's usually mold or mildew causing the grout stains. In the kitchen it could be a combination of food stains, general household traffic and grime, and mildew. 

No matter what the cause of the staining, start off with the simplest and least acidic cleaning solution first, moving up to harsher chemical cleaners if you are unsuccessful in getting the grout completely clean.

Once it is out of the shower and prepares for the day, you do not wish to re-enter and clean the bathroom walls again. Soap residue and stains of mold can convert bright walls bathroom gray, dirty, and / or worn. As a weekly task of cleaning the house, you are pushing in the cleaning of the grout and the mold of each possible cracks. 

To make the walls and bathtub as new, it ends up getting tired and almost hate the process. However, getting a clean bathroom and bright is not a thing impossible to do. Get rid of the slurry can be easy with some cleaning products in the home. The following steps will provide the ideal tips to brighten up dirty grout.

Step-by-step procedure

As the sodium bicarbonate is considered as an effective cleaner, this is a technique that you can include in your cleaning method. Since this is a recipe, it can be used in the bath, shower, bathroom and kitchen also.

Materials needed

  • Sponge
  • bicarbonate of soda
  • water
  • use a toothbrush
  • rubber gloves
  • Mask
Step # 1: Before you begin, keep doors and windows of the bathroom open for good ventilation. If you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, that follow as well and open the shower curtain. This dry the bathroom very fast and keep the air circulating.

Step # 2: In the first place, take the sponge to clean the entire area covered grout. You can also follow this step as a regular method to reduce the chances of formation of grout. The ingredients used are non-toxic, chemicals / detergents gentle and effective. But to be on the safe side, keep the bathroom ventilated both as possible. Use rubber gloves and mask is also.

Step # 3: Turn on the light in the bathroom and clean the area around the shower next to the bathtub correctly. Don't forget to include the shower curtain also, as the grout and mold can occur there. The curtain has an odor repellent especially if not cleaned correctly or at all. In a small bowl, mix the baking soda and water to make a thick paste.

Step # 4: Take an old toothbrush, used and get wet in the pasta. Apply the mixture directly on the grout. Spread a generous amount of the pasta and let it rest at least 10 minutes. Then rub the surface with cement grout covered the toothbrush to a effective elimination of spots. Keep your constant movements, as in, move the brush back and forth. This will raise the grout and mold when something is put pressure on the area.

Step # 5: Rinse the area with warm water leaving their bathroom walls and bathtub with a clean look. You can also clean the shower curtain with a sponge with the paste of bicarbonate of soda. Just make sure you rinse everything correctly.

Essential Tips for cleaning to Continue

Now that we've seen exactly how should go about cleaning the bathrooms correctly, we have yet to discuss important points on what their regular procedures for cleaning has to be. You will then see the following tips and how to put them into practice.

For that a preventive measure fast, buy a pencil bleach for cleaning small spots of grout.
Once you have finished the job, the sealant is applied to the grout to avoid new stains. You can apply the sealant once a year or as often as necessary.

To check if the sealer is working, a couple of spray droplets of water on it. The water should form a droplet grain-as in the slurry, which means that you do not need a new layer.
After you apply the sealer for the grout, be sure to regularly clean the grout and tiles. This method will avoid the use of chemicals to remove the stains.

For a method of cleaning grout thoroughly, use plastic bristles, old toothbrushes, debuggers and nylon soft bristle brush. As the best preventive method for cleaning the grout, it is necessary to clean the soap suds on a regular basis, so there is no accumulation of grout found. 

Once you are finished with shower, clean the bathroom walls, shower curtains, bath tub with hot water. The above mentioned steps will no doubt that the cleaning process much easier.

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