How to Choose Colours to paint Wall?

How to Choose Colours to paint Wall?

Paint Colors wall - A wall is a wall of accent that is destined to be the focal point of the room. Attention is drawn by its unique appearance. To make the wall look unique, you can paint in a color that is different from the other walls in the same room and improve even more with more improvisations. Keep some points in mind when he decides to paint your wall of stress: should match the color of the other walls, it should be pleasing to the eye (a combination of wrong color can have an effect very shocking), must be complemented with accessories to go with the combination of colors and ideally should not have doors or windows. In this article, we'll give you some ideas.

Bright and dark colors such as intense turquoise, fiery reds and deep greens in a small room can be overwhelming and instead of looking cozy or trendy, can make the room look smaller. Stick with neutral colors such as taupe or light gray, or light or pastel shades of your favorite wall colors to open up the room and make it look bigger. Cool colors including shades of blue, green and purple generally make a room look larger than warm shades such as red, orange and yellow, but pale or washed-out warm shades can do the trick as well. Match the wall color to your floor or carpet color to blend the edges of the room together and visually enlarge the space.

It is a known fact that light colours will help make your room look larger, but bright colours will also do this. Pick a clean looking colour rather than one that appears muddy. 

WHITE MOULDINGS ADD DEPTH Paint your trim and mouldings in whites or off-whites. This will help to add depth to your space by making your walls appear further away. For a modern look, try painting them in high gloss white, this will also help to reflect more light. 

CHOOSE A MONOCHROMATIC COLOUR SCHEME Paint your trim, walls and ceiling in different shades of the same colour to help blend these elements together; the uniform colour will make your space appear larger. 

Try a light cream and icy blue colour scheme. The cool blue will help reflect light to make it appear larger while adding warmth to the room at the same time.

The actual paint product you choose is important as well. Low quality paint tends to have a chalkier look and feel to it and this chalkiness will make your room look smaller. Pick a paint that has some shine to it. Don’t paint everything high gloss, just make sure the paint you choose has a little bit of shine in it — enough to reflect some light.

Black and gray

Not quiver with the mention of black. Contrary to popular belief (something about being black sigh depressing,! ), black is one of the best colors that can be used to paint an accent wall. Add a touch of elegance with style and panache to your room, it is possible that you have been looking for (which is not, doesn't it? ).  However, there is a very important point that must be taken into account. The other walls of the room should be painted in a shade of gray opaque for the best effect that the combination of colors you can offer. In addition, make sure that the accessories of the room are well coordinated, color wise. For the manufacture of the accent wall look even more attractive, you can have a huge semi-circular mirror hung in the. Alternatively, you can have a geometric design as a square or a triangle painted to represent a 3D effect

Chocolate brown and ivory

You know, this idea even will take you much time. To do this, we are assuming that you are available in ivory (or a little shade of white or another light color pastel as cream) walls. For your accent wall, it had been painted in a tone of chocolate dark brown in color. The opposite effect will be well established with this. For further improvement, you can have an artist draw some stick-figure that represent any kind of activity. Another thing you can do is to have a huge sculpture on white paper is situated right in front of the accent wall. Nothing more should be placed around it. This will ensure that this wall is in fact the focal point of the room.

Yellow and Blue

options given above seem to be muted by it? Do you need something that shouts bold, strong, and the life? Well, why do you paint a wall in a Mediterranean color, to give your site a vibrant blend of the colors? It has all the walls, except the desired accent wall, painted in a very (very) light shade of blue. The lighter shade of pale blue, to be precise. Now, the accent wall has to be painted in an over-the-top, sun-bright yellow! To put even more in the Mediterranean air in your room, put a pair of potted plants, which are lush, green, rekindled the leaves, in front of the accent wall. If not, you can have an enormous painting or drawing hanging on a framework with a dark border.

Green Gold and Metalllic

relax! This idea will not make your room look very elegant! In the first place, has its walls painted in a lighter shade of the green apple. Your accent wall has to be painted in a gold tone that you feel comfortable. Is your house after all. Therefore, choose a metallic paint that comes in a shade of gold that will give your room a 'burning' effect. Given that this is the focal point of your room, you can consider something unique like having some citations ingenious painted on the wall. You can also just hang up the flat screen tv on the wall to complete!

Accent walls are a remarkably simple way to give your room an elegant look. Everything you need is a good sense of the combination of colors and the use of suitable furniture to complement the wall and the proper care of the wall. Therefore, go ahead and give your home an elegant look by painting one wall!

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