Home Decor to Arrange for a large family

Home Decor to Arrange for a large family

If in decoration and planning it is a sensitive subject when we research the optimization of the space, it is the sleeping rooms of the whole family. Arrange for a large family is an exercise that we should learn from the anglophones. Many are those who believe that the mini home is only for the individual, to the rigor the torque. They have tord!

The anglophones are very fond of rooms with bunk beds that this either for their vacation homes, their cottages in the mountains or simply their habitat in the city.And we should see it is an opportunity to develop the decor of our minis houses. Not only can we by this technique, greatly improve the occupation of space, but we can also give a certain charm to the decor of our habitat. This in fact was long the means of housing on the boats (before the democratization of cruises on cities floating).

And don't come and tell me that this is not functional, that the children are not going to like.

The kids love it! It is often of elsewhere" to the one who wants to sleep in high ".  As for the teenagers or pre-teens, this has never caused any problems, they know very well develop "their corner".  Not only the bunk beds provide a playful side, but they are also a means to isolate themselves from the other. Each his small space!

For adults, it is also a means of housing the friends, to receive the family without requiring the purchase of a longere or castle.

So i concocted a panel of what can be done in decoration with a few bunk beds. And I am not talking of a vulgar dormitory of colony of vacation. You will see that this can be very deco, design and branch, with just a little imagination, a few strokes of paint and a few accessories.

Room for two

The house for two, it is a means of housing the children without taking up too much space and while keeping the personality of each child.

The entry is the hub of the organization

Of the storage spaces dedicated for the footwear, the overcoats, identifiable by a color code for each, or one can also affix the use of time in each child.
We can also provide a bench, very convenient when it comes to putting its shoes

A bell to call everyone to table

A tip that works very well! More than the penalty to shout the names one after the other, to repeat "Come eat! ", A small tinkling bell and the turn is played.

Home to floor

For a weekly storage of toys without having to shout loudly, a simple hint: a bag, a bucket, a carton identifies in which your dear small will deposit the toys and figurines picked up in the lounge. After the tour, they will have to fit the bag in their room.

The bathroom

Is also a strategic place: bath for the smaller, shower for the largest, and it is advisable to have at least two bathrooms.
Of course, the twin-sink vanities will help you to organize a bearing between those who are brushing teeth and those who are doing their toiletries. It is essential to think about their personal products, creams, gels, makeup, etc. , or the need to store, for example in panieres wicker, the cosmetics of each.

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