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Bathroom tips - Many people loathe household chores. But is any cleaning task more difficult to stick to than squeegeeing shower In fact, for the squeegee-averse, opting to use the guest bathroom and its shower with a curtain instead of a glass door is a timesaving trick that is not uncommon. There’s got to be a better way. And I think there is..There are many ways that can help keep doors bright shower of glass. Low quality glass is in a high risk of damage due to excess water, the hard materials of soap, the humidity and moisture all the time. Therefore, high quality glass should be the obvious choice during the installation of glass shower doors.

Dual headed 'squeegee

For something with such a silly name, a squeegee is a serious weapon in the war against soap scum. Soap scum, limescale and other shower door marks are caused by minerals left behind when drops of hard water dry on the glass surface. Stop this problem before it starts by squeegeeing after every shower. Wick away moisture before it has a chance to set. Hang the squeegee from a wall-mounted hook inside the door so it's a quick and simple job. Make sure every member of your household prioritizes this quick task. While not as convenient, use a towel instead of a squeegee in a pinch.

A stitch in time saves nine!, this rule is applicable to doors of glass shower also. If you are using a double standard well run after every shower, then you can really help the glass shower doors to be kept clean. The sticks of soap and water and dried in the doors, therefore, the cleaning of the doors with a rubber wiper blade you can keep it clean.

Good product

The first and the most important thing to do is use good products of quality cleaning for doors of glass shower. A quality cleaner should be a good non-abrasive bathroom. With bathroom cleaner that will help you to keep the doors of shower of glass without scratching. It is also suggested the use of a liquid or a spray cleaner bathrooms for better effects.

Adequate time

To allow enough time for the bathroom cleaner to fix in the glass for a better stain removal. It is good if one begins the job of cleaning the Sunday or public holiday, so that he/she does not have to rush to complete the task. When the cleaner has been fully defined, use a nice non-abrasive sponge and rub the glass very carefully, this works very well with the glass shower doors.

Tips to clean the glass doors of shower

  • Always remember that a rubber wiper blade is the best friend of the glass shower doors, making appropriate use of the same you can save a lot of problems later.
  • Start to take important steps of cleaning from the day of installation, because once damaged, the doors of glass cannot recover its original beauty.
  • The rubber wiper blade cannot get into the cracks and cervix of the cup, for these areas, use an old toothbrush. When using chemicals always use rubber gloves with the hands to protect the hands.
  • If you do not want to use chemicals, then you can try use paste of baking powder. Only you have to apply in doors of glass shower and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash and clean the water with a soft cloth and dry.
  • Apply a little lemon oil in the vessel, which has spots of hot water and glass doors quickly clean shower with a clean cloth.
  • Apply a little lemon oil in the vessel, which has spots of hot water and glass doors quickly clean shower with a clean cloth.
  • Commercial cleaners that contain no soaps abrasive elements are equally effective if you are looking for materials for cleaning of quality bathroom. Make it a point to clean the glass shower doors with the rubber wiper blade, after each shower. 
  • Try these suggestions if you don't know how to clean the glass shower doors and don't forget to give me your answer.
Additionsl tips and advice

  •  Dry the doors off after each use to keep soap scum and hard water stains from returning. 
  • Treat any signs of mold or mildew immediately with a mild bleach or vinegar solution. 
  • Use caution when selecting commercial cleaning products. Some cleaners that are designed to clean tile and tubs are not safe to use on glass. Rather than cleaning them, they can etch the surface and leave a dull, filmy appearance. 
  • Dryer sheets moistened with water can be used to wipe shower doors and remove spots and buildup. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have also been found useful by many for this tough cleaning task. 
  • Want to treat the source of soap scum? Switch to liquid soap. The bar soap is what causes soap scum in the first place.

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