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Our wall adhesives are made of a vinyl adhesive durable, washable, repositionable.
Our wall adhesives can then be repositioned several times without losing their adhesive strength, and leave no residue of glue on the surface after the removal.
Then remember: our adhesives are not just for walls. Can also be applied to furniture, to the doors and on every surface clean and smooth. Can be used for a wide variety of projects for decoration.


- Make sure your surface is clean dry and smooth -
gently detaches the adhesive from its support -
For a better adhesion paste it from the center toward the end
- to reposition it removed again from the wall adhesive starting at the end.
- To put it back later and store it, return it to its original support
- For cleaning using a damp cloth and non abrasive detergents

The following tips will help you obtain the best result for your decor.


A pencil and a meter can help to ensure that your adhesive is also centered on the wall.
For best results, use on smooth surfaces.
The material of the surface can affect the yield of the product.
Dirt, dust, moisture, etc. , may affect the duration of the adhesive.
Keep away from heat sources.
The technology of our adhesives allows their removal without residues, and repositioning them many times.


Even if our stickers are easy to place may be useful to create a drawing of your decoration, before applying the stickers on the wall. Make sure you have a sufficient number of stickers to complete the desired decoration or use stickers made to measure.

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