Home lighting Design with LED lights

Home Decor Lighting - Contemporary create for the bedroom an environment that is more versatile and experimental, ergonomically comfortable, where they met Fashion and Design as a synthesis between creativity and working couture.

Both the classic style with a range of warm colors and clear is that minimalistic with lively combinations of pink and blue, red and white, black and white, gray and orange, gray and green or purple want to represent the relaxation of every person. It is not intended only a bed combined with but a single space, quite complex, where you express your needs and fantasies.

It is important to work on every detail to create a place that energizes the morning and gifts a healthy sleep at night. The choice of the interior in historical style, as rococo, baroque, art deco, requires a particular attention to furniture, chandeliers and the woven fabrics of (satin, velvet, silk) of linen, curtains, draperies, carpets, pillows must repeat the ornamental motifs of the era and the traditional ways of application (garlands, canopy, valances).

Or you can use the decorative stilizazzioni combined with precious objects and contemporary details to create a new atmosphere of luxury (Altamoda, Fendi Casa, Twils, Poltrona Frau Night).  An elegant paper by walls, stucco or ornamental walls painted crude or any object of vintage, as an old lampshades, carry in the everyday environment a note of romanticism. The contemporary design paints the walls of the bedroom with neutral colors and refined: white, ivory, cream, ice, champagne, pistachio or turquoise, combining them with dark wood furniture or putting in contrast those clear with a decor and a parquet of vivid colors. For the modern interior there are several lighting solutions: design of false ceiling of fluid and sinuous with spotlights, LED lights, OLED inserted in niches or steps, to the classic chandelier.

Everything you need to create different zones of light: bright (the part where you will find wardrobe, chair and table-top) and widespread (created by floor lamps, or panels of the suspended ceiling, from applique, candles etc. ). The furnishing is expressed in the language of materials and colors with bold lines and clean (furniture without handles) to create an informal atmosphere and convenient (Pianca, Alivar, Axil, Molteni, Porro).  The dominance of the sleeping area is the bed that undergoes various transformations. There are different types of tested in removable cover: wood, glass, metal, fabric and leather; from oval or rectangular, flat or shaped, full or segmented, braided or carved. Lately the fashion favors tested autonomous as multifunctional complex: the panel with shelves, bedside tables and lamps

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