The ventilation fan of the bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovations Any bath design, a design is the key to keep the bathroom clean and free of moisture, related problems, such as the paint peels, deformations door, the accumulation of spores and fungi stale odors. In the bathroom floors, walls and ceilings are constantly exposed to moisture, are susceptible to the growth of fungal spores. For many of the owners of the house, getting rid of toxic mold and mildew is a never-ending project. This problem is fairly obvious in the bathrooms that do not have all the vent windows. In order to resolve all these important issues, the practical solution is to install a vent bathroom or an air extractor.

Installing a bathroom vent

Fan in a bathroom vents are usually mounted on the roof to serve the main purpose to eliminate the moisture and smells of the bathroom through the exhaust pipe. Installing a bathroom vent is not really as difficult as you think. In fact, you can install a vent in your own bathroom with the hiring of a professional technician. What is more difficult is the selection of a unit of superior quality. You can find a myriad of extractors of bathroom in the market, which vary in terms of styles and quality. Select the style and color of the ventilation grille in accordance with your personal preferences.

When talking about the quality of the extractors of bathroom, which is measured in two primary attributes. The first factor is the amount of moisture removal by the exhaust outlet, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and the second factor is the noise generated by the unit. A bathroom of superior quality air extractor removes more moisture per minute, and operates silently. Taking these factors into account, the purchase of a ventilation breather bathroom in accordance with your plan and budget.

The following are basic steps that should be considered during the installation of a vent of bathroom:

Material necessary

Tools required for the installation of a ventilation fan's bath kit exhaust ventilation (which includes all the essential parts), screwdrivers, wire strippers (for stripping wires), nuts of wire of different sizes, electrical tester (check the cable connections correct), and jab saw (to make hole in the roof).  Make sure you kept all these tools and supplies ready before the installation of the ventilation fan of the bathroom.

The selection of the site for the installation

If you are going to install a ventilation fan of the bathroom instead of a unit of age, then you can install the new fan in the same site as the existing one. Otherwise, you can select a location on the roof, where there is a apparatus of existing light. To do this, you are safe from the fixing of a new electrical wiring and connections for the installation of the ventilation fan of the bathroom.

Preparation for the installation of the exhaust fan

Once you have decided on the location of roof to install bathroom fan ventilation, the next step is to prepare for the fixing of the unit. For any project of home improvement, safety is the first thing. Then, turn off the main circuit panel to prevent any accident. The preparation involves making a hole in the roof (where you decide), and the setting of a exhaust pipe (hose) that connects the hole in the outer wall. For a better understanding, go through the instruction manual supplied with the unit.

Installing a bathroom vent

before the mounting of the ventilation grille, check if the fan wiring. In most cases, bathroom lights are connected to a wall switch. If this is the same case with the lighting in your bathroom, then you can consider the wiring of ventilation for the wall switch. Check the different colors of the cables and connect the fan cable to the wall switch with care. Then fit the box in the hole in the roof of the ventilation grille will crash. If possible, directly you can secure the box to the beam and then place the hose to the bracket. Tighten the screws and nuts. Make sure that the outside air is done correctly. Turn on the power source and check the operation of the ventilation of newly installed.

Make sure that the exhaust pipe opening in the outer wall is facing down. This prevents the entry of rain water and / or unpleasant particles inside the bathroom. The installation of a pipeline of exhaust will save not only time bathroom cleaning, but also helps in the general maintenance of a bathroom.

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