renew and design interion bathroom

renew and designs BATHROOM for decorate our bathroom

Renew the bathroom can be a fun and rewarding task. Not everyone can hire an interior designer to change your bathroom, for this reason, many people decide to go to the adventure and renew themselves the design of the bathroom.

The first thing that we have to think about is how we want our bathroom: colors, furniture, accessories, lighting…we need to plan how it will be every inch of the room in order to perform the renewal as similar as possible to our idea.

If we want to create a minimalist bathroom we have to take into account the following elements:


Furniture Order of stone or ceramic
cleared space, only with the furniture or accessories needed
ceramic or stone are two materials that evoke relaxation, relaxation, tranquility…there are tubs made with these materials of different shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom. Years ago the tubs were always round in shape. Today, the design of the bathtubs has evolved and are available in different shapes: square, oval or egg-shaped, among others.

The lighting is also a very important aspect because the dark bathrooms are not welcoming. Wall lights or mirrors will help us to achieve the lighting required for our bathroom is a comfortable and welcoming area.

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