renew and design Bathroom for decorate our bathroom

renovation bathroom idea

renew and designs BATHROOM for decorate our bathroom

Renews the curtains: what about some new curtains? Even if you are currently not worn or in poor condition, if you want to renew the bathroom some new curtains are not bad at all. A molding placed the mirror: The mirror is an element of decor very important. If you don't want to replace it with a new one, only stand a molding design attractive and ready. Adding some decorative baskets: are very bright but also very practical because it will help us to maintain order and save our personal stuff.

That style of decoration applied in the bathroom? The decoration of bathrooms requires equal or more attention than any other space in the house. The bathroom is the room in which we relaxed and enjoyed the moments of relaxation, but so also is the fourth in which we carry out our personal hygiene each day by what requires a decor practical, comfortable and colorful.

 Here some ideas. Minimalist Bathrooms: Only is limited to the basic and necessary. Leaves a lot of free space and empty. Keeps everything neat and clean. Used furniture of straight lines and smooth surfaces. Glass, ceramic white and black and stainless steel are preferred materials. Rural Baths: consists of furniture and accessories of natural materials such as stone, ceramic, clay, forging and natural textiles. Colors are used as the ochre, sand, toasting, green, and blue.

Bathrooms pop: Here ends any idea that the decor bathroom decor must be boring. Pop the bathrooms combine vibrant colors such as fuchsia, red, green and electric blue. Decorate their walls and furniture with stamped to lines or spots and include tables or images typical of this style as the face of Marilyn Monroe or the British flag.

Classic Bathrooms:
tradition and classicism create environments very warm and welcoming. The typical combination in black and white ceramic, shelves, furniture in white and baskets with clothes are part of this decoration. 

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