How create a spa like bathroom with low budget?

create bathroom like spa at home

Steps to create a spa like bathroom with low budget

Who doesn't need a place in her own home that makes you leave the stress of everyday life? Turn your bathroom into a spa and enjoy a zone free of anxiety all the days of a very simple way and invest very little money because you don't need of works or qualified personnel to do, there is only to follow the DIY philosophy. We give you the steps create a spa like bathroom with low budget.

Steps to create a spa-like bathroom with low budget:

First step: Set the scene, the first step to the creation of your hot tub is to prepare the ground for the relaxation, comfort and indulgence.

To do this:
- Removed everything you want in the bathroom.

- Clean everything.

- Paints, including the sockets and roof. Paint white or pale in color is a good way to get a more spa environment. Also can also be combined with blue, pink or lavenders but don't bother the green.

Second step: to introduce other elements

Here is where to add the child articles for the spa such as racks of towels so that you can reach them from the bath or shower, also shelving for cosmetic products and various, and some hooks for hanging clothes and they are accessible.

Third step: Choose one of the main

and by main we mean:

- thick towels to match any bathroom carpet.

- Scented candles to have the feeling of another site.

- Fresh flowers in a vase in the sink.

- A plate of chocolate black and red wine for when you're taking the bathroom. Your body, palate and delight will thank you.

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