Bathrooms in white and black marry well

bathrooms in white and black marry well with the modern features

Bathrooms in white and black - marry well with the modern features. Stylized Lines, elegant surfaces and open spaces are all complementary to a bath design in black and white. The washbasin of countertop with vessel form can become a great success, and can be either white porcelain combined with a black vanities, or vice versa, a wash basin in the form of pot black on a white vanity. Once more, the natural stone plays a very important role in the bathrooms in black and white in a modern style. Both da if we are talking about white marble or granite black, you can be sure of getting with them the contrast of colors that you are looking for get a bath design in black and white.

Prominent walls

Not everyone has the courage to engage with a design completely black and white for your bathroom. For those who wish to stay with one or other color instead of searching for a unique mix, then the prominent wall is just what they need. The majority of the owners do not feel really comfortable with elements or totally black surfaces for their walls, that is why it is intelligent to create a simple wall outstanding of that color. Make tiled surfaces, toiletries, fixed elements and white soils dominate the space, but it leaves a wall in front of the bathroom mirror in black. Using antique furniture in dark wood to help your prominent wall in black stand out even more.

Decorated Walls

A good way to help divert attention from the contrast of colors in a bathroom is white and black add colorful motifs painted on a wall decorated. The vivid colors and bold since then would help to attract some attention from the point at which the black and white surfaces are creating their contrast. The black and white photos also help to gently mix black and white designs and to create a transition between two very different colors.

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