Bathroom vanity idea and shower tile design

Bathroom vanity idea and shower tile design for renovation
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Bathroom vanity idea and shower tile design

When you decide to decorate or remodel your bathroom always just think of the furniture or in the shower or bathtub. But, what about the tiles? In reality, the type and color of the tile is one of the elements to provide greater visual effect in a bathroom, although many times not the bear in mind. In addition, the material is going to make it easier to a greater or lesser extent the cleaning of the tiles later, therefore this decision must be taken carefully.

On this basis, we leave you some tips to choose the tiles that better than go to your bathroom. In the first place, it would be necessary to decide on which type of tile we want. We can choose between ceramic, porcelain or stone, among other materials, although these are the most common. The ceramics are the most popular because they are cheaper, water resistant and easy to cut. Another good option is the porcelain, since they are virtually impervious to water and highly resistant to moisture, so if you have moisture problems that would be the best choice. On the other hand, the natural stone tiles are very nice and give touch very careful design to your bathroom, but are more expensive and may be less resistant to moisture.

Once the choice of material, you'll have to take a decision on the size of the tiles. In this case, it all depends on how big or small your bathroom. The smaller the room, you'll need to use smaller tiles. Thus, give you a feeling of more breadth.

The color of the tiles is, without doubt, one of the aspects that will influence more in the image of your bathroom. In a certain way, it also depends on the size of the room. Light colors will create the feeling of more space, while the dark quite the opposite. You can also opt for brighter colors such as orange, green pistachio or the blue, or mix depending on the area of the bathroom (shower, sink, etc. ).  A combination of small black and white tiled floors will give you an aspect of "bathroom" very original.

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