Bathroom vanities and bathtub remodel pictures

Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities and bathroom remodel pictures a trend very important requirement for the home. Walkin bathtubs and bathtub repair modeal be installed ffor example of bathtubs in the house.

Walk in bathtubs reviews

This is an example image of bathtubs minimalist and luxurious bathtubs. walkin bathtubs and very attractive design became a major in home bathroom design. Bathtub repair can also if you have old bathtubs are still good.

How to remove a bathtub drain

Remove a bathtub drain into the main after you have a bathtub.

  1. Examine the tub drain to Determine the type of stopper associated with it. For example, Determine if your tub has a simple stopper Reviews such as a plunger or screen type. Alternatively, it may have a twist or toe-tap version.
  2. Remove a plunger or a screen stopper from the drain by unscrewing the mounting screw, using a screwdriver. Alternatively, unscrew a twist or push-pull / lift-and-turn stopper, using your fingers or pliers. Gain access to the mounting screw hidden under a decorative cap on toe taps and pop-up drain stoppers, using a slotted screwdriver or utility knife to pop off the cap. Loosen the mounting screw, using a flathead or Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Insert the removal tool into the drain body, Also known as the flange. When you are using the dumbbell type of removal tools, seat it properly in the drain by ensuring the notches on the end of the dumbbell fit between the crossbars in the drain. Choose the end that fits into the drain crossbars the tightest. Place an adjustable wrench or pliers in the middle of the removal tool and turn it counterclockwise. Remove the drain.
  4. Insert a new rubber gasket between the shoe and the bathtub drain. The gasket forms a seal on the bottom of the tub that prevents leakage.
  5. Roll a chord of plumber's putty to the thickness of a pencil. Place it around the bottom lip of the tub drain.
  6. Thread the tub drain into the drain shoe and tighten it until it is snug, using the dumbbell tool. Expect excess plumber's putty to squeeze out around the tub drain as you tighten it. Once the drain is snug, tighten it an additional quarter turn.
  7. Remove excess plumber's putty from around the tub drain, using your finger. Replace the drain stopper in the applicable manner it was removed.

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