5 way Simple proposals to renew your bathroom

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5 way Simple proposals to renew your bathroom

5 Simple proposals to renew your bathroom
without work and without great expense. Here we give you five ideas to change the style of your bathroom. Proba and contanos as tea was.

* curtain or bulkhead: 

The bathtub is the most important part of the bathroom and anything that you do is going to change the style. One of the options is to change the shower curtain . Today, there are a wide variety to choose from, with different textures and colors. If you are interested in this proposal traditional, here you have some tips to choose the right one.
On the other hand there is the option to change our curtain by a bulkhead . There is a wide range of models and materials: glass and polycarbonate translucent (cheaper).  Screens can be opening sliding or hinged door (opens outward to prevent accidents).

* Paint or renew the furniture :

 painting and renovation of the furniture  which generally have the bathrooms is a good way to resize the air to the place. If it is wood, you can varnish with a dark color. You can also replace the doors or drawers by front of etched glass, or laquear with some bright color - white or cream - and renew the handles on the drawers. If you do not take a piece of furniture can be install shelves and painting or barnizarlos to taste .

* Hang a cupboard in the wall:

 the time to decorate the bathroom, the details posts in cabinets or shelves are fundamental. An alternative is to install a small high cabinet next to the mirror. You can also place small shelves on the health, in the sector of the bathtub or next to the mirror , that can be used to decorate or maintain a tidy of the bathroom. There is a wide variety of designs in wood, steel, synthetic materials and natural fibers.

* Renew the mirror with a decorative framework: 

Change the mirror by another of different design often become essential detail. If you have a mirror of small size, you can rename the framework. If this is a modern style, you can use a metal frame, or directly change the mirror for one beveled . If the bathroom is classic, there are to choose a framed made in the same wood furniture bajolavabo.

* Renew the lining of the walls: 

Here not talking about breaking tiles or undertake a work to put venecitas by all sides, but to make some tweaks. If you have the walls with marble or tile until half-wall, you can change the look to your bathroom empapelando or simply by changing the color of the top.

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