dream bathrooms ideas for renovation

Dream bathrooms ideas  for renovation

The tiles Tiles also help bring black and white spaces efficiently and easily. The patterns of black and white tiled floors in the form of checkred floors have been popular for centuries and are still as popular in most spaces of modern bathroom. Have black tesserae smaller embedded within larger white boxes will help you to create a rustic feeling much more in your bathroom black and white. Metro style tiles with different shades of white, black, and gray are also becoming a popular choice among the designers of bathrooms to create simple yet elegant spaces without the need of having to redo the entire space.


Nothing beats in a bath space to the capacity of the woodworks to contrast colors. From a few simple panels to elaborate replanados panels, a black wall wainscoting and a white make the perfect couple. You can also reverse the order and leave it to the wainscoting that highlight the black on a white wall, to create a design of bathroom only that it is as pleasant for the eyes and your wallet. Adds a bit of white marble, black granite or a bit of both to get the bath space in perfect black and white.+

bathrooms ideas  for renovation

bathrooms ideas  for renovation

bathrooms ideas  for renovation

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