Ceiling and floor bedroom interior design of parquet

Ceiling and floor bedroom interior design of wood

Wood is the basis for building a house in the past, in addition to strong good wood has a durability of up to hundreds of years such as teak and meranti. Minimalist bedroom design with wood is very interesting and beautiful results. The example below is a minimalist bedroom design with a minimalist interior of the wood. wood floors have many colors and styles to suit the desired interior, odorless, easily cleaned, repaired or replaced, not seriously hurt if you fall on it, not noisy at times trampled, not humid in the room AC, suitable for the tropics and mountains , suitable for audio and video room, saving installation time and maintenance

Wood as a material minimalist bedrooms

Floor bedroom of plywood is very nice and suitable if applied, with the election of plywood parquet length 18x140x900 / 750/600 mm very fit and are not too small. The choice of colors plywood parquet flooring with light wood color like light brown parquet wood floors suitable for bedroom interior material, is made of weather-resistant wood and termites. Such as teak, ebony, iron or ironwood, marine resin, bangkirai, and merbau. Make sure you buy the wood has a moisture content which is very minimal, because if the water content is high, the wood will be easy to expand, shrink even cracked.

Type of parquet for

1. Parquet from Solid Wood Material minimalist bedroom

Parquet of solid wood materials are usually made of hard wood (teak, iron / iron wood) in the form of small pieces of medium size with a thickness of 5-10 mm, arranged to form a sort of mosaic that is designed in a choice of patterns. Types of solid wood will last and even improved his performance over the life of the house.

  How to installation of solid wood parquet is as follows:

  • Polyfoam mounted on top floor flat, clean, and dry.
  • Polywood is placed on it, turned off on the ground floor with screws and fiser.
  • Parquet glued on top of plywood
  • Finishing the way ditusir and sanded

2. Parquet of Engineered Wood Materials

Parquet of engineered wood parquet flooring is made of hardwood plywood or particle board covered by a veneer (a thin layer of real wood selected surface appearance). This type was created for ease and speed of installation. Work can be carried out more quickly, because it has been glued to the plywood parquet in manufacturing. Parquet mounted on polyfoam, with polyfoam installation as the installation of the wood flooring solid wood. There is also enginered parquet wood flooring consists of three layers which are not all made of wood, which consists of three layers, the bottom layer of polyfoam, plywood or plywood and wood parquet. For this type of parquet be installed directly on the concrete floor.

Foam layer in direct contact with concrete as moisture absorbers and reduce the absorption of the cold temperature from the ground (remember the tile floor menyesuaiakan soil temperature), simultaneously serves to maintain the durability of wood (wood is sensitive to moisture) parquet.

Plywood floors maintain stability by regulating the expansion shrinkage floor. Tropical regions that have a high temperature, can make the material damaged if not given tolerance threshold shrinkage expansion .. Plywood layer is usually made of soft wood and cheap. While the top layer parquet is made of wood
solid strong and durable high-grade (I or II) such as teak, oak, cherry, kempas, merbau and Nayato

3. Parquet of Materials Wood Laminate

Parquet wood laminate material is not made of real wood, but made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or fiber which is made with wood motif. Installation is equal to coat the floor with a layer of paper. The difference is only in terms of appearance, wooden laminate parquet tend glossy so inclined slippery floor.
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